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Thorough examination and excellent diagnostic skills, Dr. Mitnick takes the time and attention your eyes deserve.


We have over 500 frames – in house!


We have an extensive inventory of trial contact lenses.

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We write prescriptions for eye disease.

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Get yourself and your children regular eye exams.

Dr. Blake Mitnick, O.D.

Dr. Blake Mitnick has been in Floyd for 11 years and has been a practiced optometrist for over 30 years. Dr. Mitnick’s formal education includes a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Maryland, where he graduated with Honors. After serving in the Armed Forces as a Captain in the Army, Dr. Mitnick obtained his Optometric Doctor degree from the New England College of Optometry in Boston. In 1994 he received his therapeutics license from the University of Houston College of Optometry. Since then, for 21 years he has been treating diseases like glaucoma, eye infections, dry eyes and many more. Dr. Mitnick’s treats all of his patients thoroughly and enjoys being able to provide quality eye care services to the community.

B.S. in Psychology from the University of Maryland, where he graduated with Honors

Optometric Doctor degree from the New England College of Optometry in Boston

Therapeutics License – Houston College of Optometry

“I’ve been here in Floyd for 10 years. I’m here to stay. I originally was attracted to the area because of hiking. Rock Castle Gorge is my favorite trail. I think I have literally done parts of it over 100 times. I enjoy living in the country being surrounded by the art and the music and the interesting mix of people.” -Dr. Blake Mitnick

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Keeping our dollars in Floyd and supporting local business helps the Floyd County economy and saves you time and travel dollars.

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Practiced for over 30 years and in Floyd since 2004, with thousands of happy patients here in Floyd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glasses do you have?

We have frames for adults and children, and we have safety frames for work. We have sunglasses that can be used with prescription lenses and sports glasses. Recently we introduced high fashion frames by Jonathan kite.  We have frames made from metal and plastic. The titanium frames are especially lightweight and strong. We have the latest fashion and golden oldies. And we can also order almost any frame you might want.

Do you fit hard contact lenses?

Yes, we fit soft as well as hard for gas permeable lenses.

Regular gas permeable lenses start at about $250. With care a single pair can last for years. We can polish hard lenses also.

A recent innovation has been the use of semi scleral contact lenses. These are very large gas permeable contacts. They offer the advantages of excellent vision like hard contacts and good comfort like soft. They are expensive, approximately $500, but they can last for many years and don’t need to be replaced regularly like soft.

I’ve had good success with bifocal contact lenses as well as contact lenses for astigmatism. If you are a first time wearer, I will take the time to show you how to insert and remove as well as care for your contact lenses.

How much is an initial visit?

An initial eye exams starts at $115 dollars but you get a 20% discount if you pay the same day, which would bring it been to $92.00. Subsequent visits are $105 and $84.00 with the discount. We do except medicaid, medicare and many other insurance providers.

What kind of insurance do you take?

Alliance PPO
Anthem BC/BS
Anthem HealthKeepers
Anthem HMO
Anthem PPO
Cigna Insurance
Eyemed Discount
InTotal Health
Met Life Vision
RailRoad Medicare
Superior Vision Services
United Mine Workers of America(UMWA)

Do you fix broken glasses?


We do fix broken glasses. If you purchased the glasses from us adjustments and minor repairs are free. Frames are warranted for at least a year. If you purchased your glasses elsewhere, there is a small fee for adjustments and repairs.

What kind of equipment do you have?

We keep up to date with the latest equipment to give you the best examination possible. You won’t see a lot of bells and whistles to try to impress you.  Nor will we do any unnecessary tests. We do have:
1. An autorefractor which will give a glasses prescription after you simply sit and watch the target. It also will measure the curvature of your cornea and can give a map of the corneal curvature. This can be useful when fitting contact lenses were sometimes for diagnosing certain diseases of the cornea.
2. A retinal camera which will give stereoscopic photographs of the retina. This can be useful in diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma as well as other diseases of the retina.
3. A Biomicroscope is used to give a magnified view of the structures in the front of the eye as well as
the inside of the eye, using lenses. It can be used to diagnose and monitor any number of eye diseases
such as diabetes, hypertensive retinopathy, or retinal detachment.
4. A perimeter or visual field machine will give a map of your side vision. It is a specially useful in diagnosing
and monitoring glaucoma. It also can be very helpful in diagnosing tumors or aneurysms in the brain, which can
sometimes cause predictable visual field defects.
5. A retinal scan (HRT) will give a computerized map of your optic nerve. This can be very useful in diagnosing
and monitoring glaucoma or other diseases of the optic nerve.

Designer Frames in House

Thank you taking the time to do the most comprehensive exam I have ever had!

Rhonda Withington

I have called on Dr. Mitnick several times to help me with a patient. Dr. Mitnick has been my primary eye doctor for several years. My children were his patients before they left for the Marines. My teenage daughter still sees Dr. Mitnick for her contact lens problems. Floyd is fortunate to have Dr. Mitnick in our community. You might even see him playing his guitar on Friday night.


Joe Baum, M.D.


   After attributing pain in my eyes and daily headaches to chronic sinusitis for over a year, I had no way of knowing a regular check-up with Dr. Mitnick would positively change the quality of my life, explain the pain, and start my healing.  With his thorough examination and excellent diagnostic skills, he found my problems were coming from a medical condition of my eyes.  He researched treatments that would not interact with my other medications, and he saw me weekly to assure my progress and to adjust medications if needed.  He also directed me toward natural ways of maintaining a healthy body.  How fortunate I am to have chosen Dr. Blake Mitnick as my doctor.  He is competent, caring, and trustworthy….there is no better!

LeeAnne Farley

Commonwealth Eye Center

211 W Main Street (next to the library)

Open Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm